Activities that may not cause nuisance, affect normal health and hygiene conditions, or involve serious damage or risk to persons or property. 

Examples: Shops, beauty salon, academies, offices, etc.


Activities related to leisure, recreational, catering, etc. They have their own requirements and require a greater study and detail of the conditions. 

Examples: Restaurants and cafes, hotels, nightclubs and pubs.


Annoying, unhealthy, harmful and dangerous activities. 

Examples: Parking, parking lots, small factories, hospitals, etc.

In the case of the "Comunicación de Actividad" the law states:


  • Certificate of urban compatibility.

  • Affidavit of compliance with the normttive.

  • Activity data: site, surface, etc

  • Proof of payment fees

In the case of the "Declaración responsable ambiental", the law states:


  • Certificate of urban compatibility.

  • A responsible statement of the interested party in which it declares under its responsibility that it complies with the requirements established in the environmental regulations for the exercise of the activity that is available to start, that it has the documentation that accredits it and that it undertakes to maintain its compliance for the entire period of time that lasts the exercise of the activity.

  • Descriptive technical memory of the activity.

  • Certification signed by competent technician, accreditation that the installations comply with all the technical and environmental conditions required in order to start the exercise of the activity.

  • Proof of payment fees



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