Juan Pablo has developed his professional career for 14 years between Spain and Asia, in prestigious international studios, where he has carried out architecture and interior design projects for clients from very different nationalities.

An architect from the Polytechnic University of Valencia , he has the professional specialization of visualization of virtual environments from UCAM and is an expert in BIM modeling.

He set up Iconic Studio , understanding architecture as a set of disciplines that must collaborate to create quality, aesthetic and functional spaces.








Technical Architect from the University of Alicante, he is passionate about construction and design, very meticulous when it comes to making constructive details and carrying them out on site. He is passionate about the challenge of making an idea or design come true, taking into account functionality and aesthetic quality.
Javier has collaborated with prestigious design studios where he has been able to learn new technologies, construction techniques and very different ways of working.
One of his hobbies is art and particularly sculpture, he never stops experimenting with the specialty and its limits.

Iconic Studio



Paloma has worked in offices in China, South Korea and the UK. Very versatile in the world of new technologies, he is in charge of the maintenance and optimization of social networks and the studio website.

Always up-to-date with new marketing and advertising technology trends, he is passionate about experimenting with new marketing performance strategies.

He has studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Malaga, having completed academic courses at universities in South Korea and Germany.


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An expert in branding and the development of corporate identities, his proposals are always focused on enhancing the brand and innovating with the maximum possible functionality. With extensive experience in healthcare and hospitality projects, their designs are always linked to space and its function. Marc has done multiple works along the Alicantina coast, some of great importance, such as the gastronomic market of Els Magazinos, in Dénia.



An agronomist by Miguel Hernández University, Clara is a specialist in the drafting of landscaping and gardening projects, landscape integration of golf courses, technical supervision and urban design.

Thanks to its great sensitivity and passion for nature, it is able to create unique spaces where the user feels that he has moved to a magical corner where he can disconnect from his routine and where all he has to do is enjoy the landscape.



At Iconic Studio we always want to generate creative responses by creating unique places and objects.

Surprising the client with a good solution that exceeds their first expectations is essential for us.

The place where the project is located is essential to create the best possible solution. We always study the guidelines to know how to adapt from a climatic point of view and increase the sustainability of the whole.

Designing the interior and exterior spaces together is the best way to create comfortable and attractive spaces for the person who is going to inhabit them.

The art of turning ideas and thoughts into material objects is a process in which we like to get involved down to the last detail.




Our designs must always attend to functional, technical and regulatory conditions, for this reason, each project is thoroughly studied so that it is useful, functional and attractive.

Creativity must always go hand in hand with a good technical analysis to find the best solution.


The study of the details is essential to be able to create a quality, durable and comfortable design for the owner.

For this we are always updating ourselves and studying the latest market developments, in order to find the best answer to the challenges that arise.

The greatest satisfaction for Iconic Studio is knowing that its clients have achieved their goals and are happy in their new homes.