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Pujiang, Sichuan, China

Gross Area 7.929m²

It is located in the mountains of Pujiang, on the outskirts of Chengdu (China), it is completely away from any population center and it is very difficult to access, making it an ideal place for local tourists who appreciate nature and silence.

The Hotel adapts the existing topography and prioritizes the views of a nearby lake.

Although it is a unique volume, it is broken as much as possible to adapt to an environment as changing and diverse as a forest can be.

Regarding  the materiality, the exterior finishes can be found in the  nearby environment, such as wood and local stone. This creates a changing rhythm of shapes and materials that make it not look like a foreign element and it is integrated as much as possible into the forest.

The main access is located at the end of an original path to avoid altering the topography, and therefore create pedestrian paths fully adapted to the mountainous environment.


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