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Mutxamel, Alicante

Area 1.100 m²

Due to its location, in front of one of the sides of the Church of El Salvador in Mutxamel, it mixes with the respect to its external materiality, and the intention of minimise the intervention and giving it important role to the Church.

Inside, on the contrary, we wanted to break  regarding the finishes, since the language is radically contemporary but transferring the charm of the Valencian medieval palaces, where the patio was located at the entrance and could be visible from the street. For this reason, the patio reaches the ground floor as a communal yard, where an olive tree recalls the past use of the building.

As in the medieval palaces   from Valencia or Mallorca, the staircase was the fundamental piece of these patios, here the staircase is treated as an iconic element, for this reason a metal staircase is made and  the steps are opened to let light pass into the interior of the access hall.

The materials used inside try to be as technological as possible, to emphasize the idea of being in a world totally opposite to the outside.

In one of the exterior entrances, there is a mural made by Arcadio Blasco Pastor , one of the best artist potters in Spain.

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