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Energy efficiency certificate


The purpose of this energy certificate is to verify the energy rating of the building or home.

Our team of architects is specialized in the processing of energy efficiency certificates in the province of Alicante and Valencia.

10,19 € IVACE registration fees. 

Check travel prices.

LLÁMENOS 653495563

How to process your certificate

Contact us by email or phone, indicating the details of the home and we will send you the final price of the certificate with everything included.

A technician will take the technical data of your home to perform the necessary calculations to obtain the energy efficiency certificate.


Once the calculation has been made and registered in IVACE, you will obtain the necessary label to be able to rent or sell your home.

Object of the procedure

The Registry of Building Energy Efficiency Certificates, both for new construction buildings and existing buildings, in accordance with Royal Decree 390/2021, of June 1, which approves the basic procedure for the certification of the Energetic efficiency of the buildings.

Who can start it?

It corresponds to the promoter or the owner of the building or part of it, depending on whether it is a newly constructed building or an existing building.
The certificate registration process can be delegated, by the promoter or the owner of the property, either to the certifying technician or to another person they trust.

What fees must be paid and how to pay?

Link related to payment of fees


What documentation must be presented?

- Energy efficiency certificate of the building or part of it, in PDF, signed by the competent technician.

- If the registration is not carried out by the owner, a document delegating the procedure will be provided, for which a model is provided in the documentation section, on the public part of the IVACE website: . In this case, the owner's ID will also be provided, in pdf, and the ID of the person carrying out the registration process.

- Calculation files of the computer program used to carry out the qualification.

How is it processed?

For the registration in the registry of the energy efficiency certificate of the project and the energy efficiency certificate of the finished building, the developer will designate as authorized agents: the competent technician responsible for the energy efficiency certificate, who will register the certificate on the IVACE website and you will get the label for your home.


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