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The objective of this energy certificate is to verify the energy rating of the building or dwelling. Our studio of architects in Alicante is specialized in the processing of certificates of habitability in the province of Alicante.

Price for homes up to 50 m²

VAT (21%) and taxes  (9,17 €) not included


The procedures for the energy performance rating of a building must be recognized documents and be registered in the General Register. When components, strategies, equipment and/or systems that are not included in the available programs are used, for consideration in the energy rating the procedure established in the informative document " Acceptance of singular solutions and additional capabilities to reference and alternative programs of energy performance rating of buildings ", available in the General Registry, will be used for consideration in the energy rating.Etiqueta de eficiencia energética.

Obtaining the energy performance certificate will grant the right to use, during the period of validity of the same, the energy efficiency label, whose contents are included in the recognized document corresponding to the energy efficiency label, available in the General Registry. The label shall be included in any offer, promotion and advertising aimed at the sale or lease of the building or building unit. It must always appear on the label, clearly and unambiguously, if it refers to the energy performance certificate of the project or the finished building.

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Entidad certificadora autonómica

Ayudas Generalitat Valenciana

Normativa española en relación a los certificados energéticos

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