What is understood by "Obra Mayor"?


The  license is normally carried out by the local government license. Basically it is the request for a permit to carry out the works. It must be requested to comply with current legislation and to pay the stipulated taxes.

Therefore, when we talk about the need to request a "Obra Mayor" license we are talking about an administrative procedure. A necessary permit to carry out the works and to obtain the first occupation license and to register the water and electricity services. Each municipality has different regulations that are reflected in the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of each municipality, where the procedures and parameters that govern each urban area are specified.

In general, the following actions can be included in major works:

  • Construction works, edification and implantation of new plant facilities or structural reform of an entity equivalent to a new construction

  • Expansion works of all kinds of existing constructions, buildings and facilities.

  • Acts of intervention on buildings, real estate and heritage protected or cataloged areas.






  • Fill in the form request .

  • Presentation at the Registry Offices.

  • Architecture Project.

  • Project Management.

  • Descriptive memory of the works to be carried out.

  • Construction management.

  • Measurements and budget.

  • Final certificate of work.


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